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The latest trends and innovations in Responsible Investing

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7 June


9 June


10 June

Join industry leaders Pengana, WHEB and Axiom for a live event that will dive into the latest trends and innovations in Conscious Capitalism: ESG, Ethical and Impact investing.

There are many different approaches to achieving positive outcomes from the allocation of client capital, but no matter where your clients sit on the ‘ethical’ spectrum, if you invest responsibly, you are making an impact on the future of our world.

As the demand for responsible investing continues to grow, it has never been more important to ensure that you are able to have meaningful conversations with your clients, and align their investments with their ethics and values.

We are excited to invite you to join international sector specialists, and market leaders in responsible investing for 3 live events.

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Adam Myers

Executive Director & Responsible Investing Specialist
Pengana Capital Group – AU

Victoria MacLean

Associate Fund Manager
WHEB Asset Management – UK

Bradley Amoils

Portfolio Manager
Axiom Investors – USA


Session 1

Aligning Capital and Consciousness

Pengana Capital Group Executive Director Adam Myers will open our session with a deep dive into the latest trends and innovations in conscious capitalism and responsible investing, looking at the different ways investors may allocate their capital to achieve positive social and environmental outcomes, alongside favourable investment returns.

Session 2

HITCHHIKING ON the road to improvement

In session 2, Axiom portfolio manager Bradley Amoils observes that improvements in the ESG alignment of a company can positively influence its relative share price performance. This is directly aligned with Axiom’s fundamental approach to investing, which aims to own a portfolio of companies who are undergoing positive change that is not yet appreciated by markets. The team then looks to advance these positive changes by engaging with company management teams on ESG issues and opportunities, as well as using proprietary software to track and closely monitor ESG-related information flows.

Session 3

A NEW WORLD ORDER: Finding solutions in unlikely places

What does society owe each of us and what do we owe in return? The answer is our social contract and we are living in a time when many feel it is not working.

In session 3, associate fund manager Victoria Maclean will show how periods of instability can result in the reordering of societies and priorities. In recent years the instability has been dramatic. Covid had a major impact on health systems and even the way we interact with each other. The conflict in Ukraine is reinforcing the need to decrease reliance on fossil fuels, it’s further disrupting supply chain and it’s forcing many countries to open up to refugees. Meanwhile, the IPCC has now confirmed that we are unlikely to limit global warming to the 1.5 degree Paris target and adaptation is now critical.

However, there are solutions, and investors can benefit from finding companies with strong competitive advantages in niches which address these challenges. Often they aren’t in the obvious places. More broadly, we think impact investing has a role to play in the new social contract. The finance industry needs to adapt, and impact investors are leading that change, as well as driving change at the companies in which they invest.

Session 4

Professional Panel: Audience Q&A

Join our hosts and all 3 speakers in a live audience Q&A panel session where attendees will be able to present our panel with any variety of questions that may help to navigate conversations and client advice in line with any responsible investing requirements for your clients needs.




Tuesday, 12pm – 2pm

Location: 12 Micron




Thursday, 12pm – 2pm

Location: Cargo Hall
South Wharf




Friday, 12pm – 2pm

Location:  W Hotel

One seemingly-small decision to invest away from harmful industries not only has the potential to have a positive impact on our future, but also provide robust investment returns on the tailwinds of global shifts in thinking. Don’t underestimate the impact of your investment actions on broader social and economic outcomes.
Pengana Capital Group