Podcast: James McDonald – Unpacking Titanium, Healthcare, Japan, Resources & More

Portfolio Manager James McDonald was recently featured on ‘The Rate of Change’ Podcast with Murdoch Gatti.

In this ROCast, James unpacks the titanium market and manufacturing process. In particular, James touches on IperionX’s groundbreaking technology to produce titanium metal more efficiently and sustainably.

During the episode, James explains how the traditional Kroll process for producing titanium is highly inefficient, losing around 60% to 80% of the material and making it impossible to recycle scrap effectively. In contrast, IperionX’s patented, innovative hydrogen-based process converts scrap titanium into a powder that can be reused, drastically reducing scrap waste.

They also discuss the broader implications for the US supply chain, the environmental benefits of this new method, and the vast array of applications for titanium, from consumer electronics to military and aerospace.

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