The Bright Outlook for PE1 and Global Private Equity Investments

Webinar Sections:

Market Outlook & Investment Landscape
Portfolio & Performance

Portfolio Manager and CIO of GCM Grosvenor, Fred Pollock, provides an update on the prospects and current market dynamics for global private equity. During the webinar, Fred also discusses the structure, valuations, and anticipated increase in realisation activity within the PE1 portfolio, as well as the reasons that he believes PE1 is poised for significant success.

Webinar Highlights

  • The webinar begins by discussing PE1’s recent NAV alignment and the Trust’s historically favourable pattern of trading relative to NAV, and the likelihood of this continuing as growth resumes.
  • Fred examines current market trends and their impact on the Trust’s holdings, specifically covering inflationary pressures and policy responses. Fred highlights a recent Financial Times article discussing the Norwegian Sovereign Fund’s potential shift towards private equity, sparking discussion about its value in investment portfolios.
  • Fred discusses the implications of interest rate changes on market dynamics, cautioning against over-reliance on public equity returns. Fred dispels misconceptions about private equity’s dependence on low interest rates, emphasizing its focus on the role of active management in creating cash flow growth.
  • Fred concludes by underscoring the current attractiveness of the Middle Market due to its low multiples and diverse exit opportunities.
  • Overall Fred highlights that the Trust remains poised to capitalize on opportunities, with a focus on long-term value creation and outperformance compared to public equities.

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