Webinar: Small Caps coming out of the Crisis. Pengana Global Small Companies Fund

The vast majority of all global listed companies are classified as small caps, yet most receive no analyst coverage, which contrasts with large caps that are typically covered by at least 20 analysts. This information inefficiency provides an opportunity for astute small cap managers to build differentiated stock portfolios that provide true diversification and have historically outperformed their large cap peers through the cycle.

The Pengana Global Small Companies Fund is managed by Chicago-based Lizard Investors, one of the pre-eminent global small cap investment firms in the world.

Jon Moog, Portfolio Manager, discusses his observations on the COVID crisis as well as the opportunities expected to result from the current volatility.

Jon also covers his market outlook, and the risks and opportunities that have emerged for his fund in the current environment.

With exploding volatility, extensive business disruption, and unprecedented levels of uncertainty, it is more important than ever for financial planners and investors alike to educate themselves on market risks and opportunities from professional active managers who have the resources, research teams, and years of experience managing investments in their specialty categories to be able to provide clear and insightful commentary on the markets and how they are managing their respective portfolios.

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