Introducing the Pengana Global Private Credit Trust (ASX: PCX)

Webinar Sections:

Executive Summary & PCX Overview
Team, Philosophy & Investment Process
The Trust

Pengana Credit CEO Nehemiah Richardson, Pengana Capital Group CEO Russel Pillemer, and Mercers Head of Private Debt APAC Scott Wilkinson provide an introductory webinar on the Pengana Global Private Credit Trust (ASX: PCX). During the webinar the team unveil the purpose behind our IPO, introduced the Pengana Global Private Credit Trust, provided an overview of PCX’s regular off-market buy-back scheme, delved into the future of global private credit, and concluded with a Q&A session, allowing participants to discover the ‘why’ behind our trust.

Webinar Highlights:

Launch and Structure of the IPO for PCX: Introduction to the Pengana Global Private Credit Trust, designed to provide investors easy access to global private credit markets. This trust is noteworthy for its listing on the ASX, aimed at attracting both direct investors and those investing through platforms. The trust offers a structure that simplifies investments in global private credit, historically a challenging asset class to access directly. It also uniquely offers a quarterly off market buy back at NAV.

The Case for Global Private Credit, for Borrowers and Investors: Discussion on the evolution of global private credit from a niche to a mainstream asset class, now integral in portfolio diversification. This shift is attributed to its superior risk-adjusted returns compared to traditional asset classes, making it a critical component for optimizing portfolio performance and reducing relative underperformance over time.

Operational and Strategic Insights by Mercer: Insights into portfolio construction, manager selection, and the evolving landscape of private credit, stressing Mercer’s role in managing diversified private credit portfolios, their deep experience, and the strategic value they bring in navigating through various market cycles.

Portfolio Diversification and Risk Mitigation: The trust features a highly diversified credit portfolio managed by Mercer, minimizing risks related to single managers, geography, investment strategy, and currency fluctuations. This strategic diversification is crucial for stabilizing returns across various economic cycles, emphasizing the trust’s resilience and potential for enhanced returns.

Detailed Structure: Highlighting the innovative buyback scheme at NAV, designed to reduce the likelihood of material discounts, the regular income stream paid monthly, and currency hedging.

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