Global Private Credit Sector – 3 minute Recap


Nehemiah Richardson is the CEO of Pengana Credit, primarily investing in mid-market corporates and lenders in the US and Europe. In this short video, he recaps the evolving market conditions over the past six to twelve months, noting a shift from uncertainty to increased economic activity and confidence.

Initially, there was uncertainty about economic conditions and interest rates, but confidence grew as the year progressed. This led to a surge in economic activity, particularly in the US, driving M&A transactions and demand for credit. Consequently, there has been a significant increase in origination activity in the private credit space, reflecting growing confidence and a better understanding of valuation environments.

Nehemiah emphasizes that while there’s more confidence, credit managers remain vigilant, unsure if there will be a soft or hard landing economically. However, he highlights the strength of top-quartile private credit managers (the type Pengana Credit invests in), who focus on defensive industries with clear cash flow projections and structural protections.

Despite economic uncertainties, these managers remain optimistic about continued growth in confidence and transaction volumes.

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