A 5 minute Outlook on Global Private Credit


CEO of Pengana Credit, Nehemiah Richardson discusses the outlook for global private credit over the next six months, focusing on the impact of the macro environment on credit managers and credit generally.

Nehemiah outlines three key themes:

  1. First, there’s growing confidence that interest rates will remain flat or even see some cuts, leading to increased economic activity and confidence for companies to invest in growth.
  2. Second, there’s ongoing bank dislocation due to increased regulation, creating more opportunities for private credit managers as banks shed assets from their balance sheets.
  3. Third, the imbalance between capital demand and supply results in favorable terms for credit providers, maintaining attractive pricing and structural protections.

He concludes that these dynamics are likely to lead to strong growth in high-quality credit origination and returns, with positive prospects for asset quality due to conservative underwriting practices.

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