Webinar: Covid-19’s impact on impact investing.

With exploding volatility, extensive business disruption, and unprecedented levels of uncertainty, it is more important than ever for financial planners and investors alike to educate themselves on market risks and opportunities from professional active managers who have the resources, research teams, and years of experience managing investments in their specialty categories to be able to provide clear and insightful commentary on the markets and how they are managing their respective portfolios.

The Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund invests in companies which produce goods and services to address sustainability challenges. London based WHEB boutique, WHEB Asset Management, are globally regarded as leaders in the field of impact measurement and reporting, managing a listed equity strategy with a track record dating back to 2006.

Ted Franks, George Latham, and Seb Beloe, provide an update of the current Coronavirus crises and how this is influencing the space of sustainable impact investing. They also look at what this means in the longer term for sustainability issues and the potential opportunities that could result.

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