Radcom – listed on the Nasdaq (ticker RDCM)

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RADCOM is a leading expert in cloud-native Network Intelligence for telecom operators transitioning to SDN/NFV (Software Design Networks/Network Functions Virtualization). It provides end-to-end quality monitoring and service assurance solutions. The company is headquartered in Israel and has offices in the US, Brazil, Japan and India.

Put simply, RADCOM is the operators’ eyes into their networks. Operators want to manage their networks according to the customer experience and RADCOM enables this by monitoring all the data packets that traverse the network.  It is a leading expert in this space because it:

  • Understands the customer experience;
  • Automatically detects network problems;
  • Deploys cutting-edge cloud technology that utilises machine learning and AI;
  • Is the best and most advanced virtualised solution for large scale operators; and
  • Was the first to invest and transition to virtualized assurance solutions.

The industry is currently at a turning point. For some time expectations for the transition to 5G have been high but it has been delayed due to technological barriers and the significant investment in infrastructure that the transition requires. However, the point is very close at which the cloud-native NFV and 5G industries gain enough maturity for communication service providers (CSPs) to ramp up their investments. Evidence is mounting that CSPs are getting ready to move, particularly because 5G standards have now been set and the vendor ecosystem can now innovate around these standards.  CSPs understandably want certainty in the technology standards before investing significant capital.

RADCOM has a global customer base including some of the world’s top tier telecommunications companies. This includes names like AT&T, Rakuten, BT, China Telecom, GVT, KPN , Orange, Telecom Argentina, Telefonica, and Vivo.   In May 2019 RADCOM signed a multi-year contract to provide its cloud-native assurance solutions across Rakuten Mobile’s entire virtual network. Key take aways from this are:

  • Rakuten is a global leader in e-commerce, fintech, digital content and communications spanning 70+ businesses with 1.2 billion members worldwide;
  • Rakuten Mobile, launched in October 2019, is the fourth mobile network in Japan (fully virtualized) that aims to disrupt the market with an automated, 5G-ready network.

The company announced this month the launch of its automated 5G assurance solution, RADCOM ACE, built on RADCOM’s cloud-native expertise and designed so operators can manage their networks in a more dynamic and agile way. RADCOM ACE is built to ensure that 5G services run continuously at optimal quality, while at the same time improving the operators’ operational efficiency through automation and rapidly enhancing time to market for new services and innovations. RADCOM ACE is the culmination of RADCOM’s significant product investment over the last few years and has been reinforced by customer feedback to enable a new way of monitoring 5G services that ensures a great customer experience as operators’ transition to 5G.

To summarise, RADCOM is well-positioned to benefit from the growing demand for 5G solutions in an industry that is at a turning point.  It operates in a niche that will be vital in the continued rollout of next-generation, high capacity networks, including 5G, IMS, SDN/NFV, and others.

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